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A Day Out With The In Laws

Back in April we had a visit from Donna’s parents. As usually happens when the in-laws come out the weather turns. Be it in November or February or April, when they come some does the English weather! Due to the fact that we work in the summer we are lucky that family come out to see us in the off season. As we say to anybody coming out in the winter, you pay your money, you take your chance.

IMG 20160419 114402 - A Day Out With The In Laws

One of those dull days we decide to drive them Eastwards from Portimao hugging the coast as much as possible to stay off busier roads. So leaving Praia da Rocha we crossed the old bridge in Portimao and slipping thru Ferragudo, Carvoeiro and Benagil we were soon in Armacao de Pera. Above is the church sat in a small square which is pretty much on the sea front.

IMG 20160419 121300 - A Day Out With The In Laws

After a quick coffee near the church we continued back along the sea front going back towards the car which we had parked near Holiday Inn. My mother in law is very much into her art and crafts so couldn’t resist taking a stroll around the local craft stalls which are located in the building next to the tourist information office.

IMG 20160419 121940 - A Day Out With The In Laws

As you can see above it looks like an old municipal hall or maybe a fish market building. However once inside (see below) the building is nice and bright and shows some good local craftwork. I personally liked the artist work that had been painted along the back wall.

IMG 20160419 122249 - A Day Out With The In Laws

After leaving Pera we continued to hug the coast going past Salgados and ending up on the beach in Gale. This used to be one of our favourite spots to sit and have a coffee. However when the weather is bad it can be hit and miss. The last time we did this we sat inside the beach cafe and tried to order a snack and a few soft drinks. However as we were not ordering a full meal we were asked to sit outside.  So in future we will not be going to this bar in bad weather.

IMG 20160419 124656 - A Day Out With The In Laws

As you can see tho the views from Gale beach are pretty amazing. Pics both above and below are from Gale. The picture below is a view looking back westwards towards Armacao de Pera.

IMG 20160419 124726 - A Day Out With The In Laws

On leaving Gale we continued along the back road and hit Albureira marina and continued on past Branqueira and headed into the sleepy town of Boliquieme. I needed to pay our mechanics for some work and luckily they have a lovely local restaurant next door called Bolitasca.

They always do a great dish of the day. I think the price is 5.95. Shown below the father in law and Donna went for hamburger (which was huge) covered with egg and cheese with salad and fries.

IMG 20160419 135756 - A Day Out With The In Laws

The mother in law and myself went for chicken piri piri with salad and rice. About as local as you can get. All meals were spot on as usual.

IMG 20160419 135928 - A Day Out With The In Laws

After filling our stomachs (and paying the mechanic) we carried on towards Vilamoura. I have to admit its not a place I would like to spend a week in, but for a day out and a stroll around its certainly worth a visit.

IMG 20160419 151109 - A Day Out With The In Laws

Above you can see Tivoli marina hotel.

One of my reasons for not being overly impressed with Vilamoura is the prices of everything. Granted you are paying for the views in some cases, but living here as a local and knowing what you can pay in other areas it all just seems a little unjustified. Having said that as a tourist, especially if from somewhere like London you will think its a bargain.

IMG 20160419 151119 - A Day Out With The In Laws

Above: The mother and father in law taking a stroll with Donna past Parkys Bar.

IMG 20160419 151533 - A Day Out With The In Laws

Above: One of the newer bars in Vilamoura marina. The Brewery. Nicely done up and a lovely little water wheel feature around the corner which I stupidly didn’t take a picture of 🙁

By this time it was around 3.30pm and the weather started to turn a little and drizzle. So we made our way back to the car and headed home. A good day out considering we saw no sunshine and goes to show that as long as you are prepared to drive around off the beaten track you can still make a good day of things.

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