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Cliff Walking in Carvoeiro with Algarve365

Cliff walking in Carvoeiro with Algarve365. The boardwalk is on the east side of Carvoeiro. To find it easily simply follow the signs for Algar Seco to go cliff walking in Carvoeiro.

Cliff Walking in Carvoeiro with Algarve365

Carvoeiro Boardwalk

During the bad weather a few weeks ago we decided to take the in-laws to Carvoeiro for an afternoon. I think a lot of people dismiss Carvoeiro as they see the small beach in the centre of town and assume there isn’t much more to it. How wrong they are!


A few years ago they spend a good amount of money constructing a fabulous wooden boardwalk. This stretches from the east side of Carvoeiro beach towards Benagil. The coastal views are simply breathtaking and my amateur camera phone skills do not do it justice.


Once on the boardwalk you will see gates that give access to the rocks areas. Looking from the boardwalk you don’t immediately see that there are steps carved out into the rocks. It is quite a long walk down to the bottom which would probably be too dangerous to do without these carves out walkways.


As you can see above not only have they carved out the steps but they have made archways and mini tunnels to make access even easier.


Once down at the bottom I could personally spend hours down there just watching and listening to the waves crashing against the rock face.


The picture below probably gives the best view of the boardwalk. The point where I took this from even has a little gallery seating area, this must have amazing views in the peak of summer with the sun shining down onto the sea. Behind where I am stood would provide amazing sun set views as well.


Should you wish to visit and go cliff walking in Carvoeiro then please bear Algarve365 in mind for your airport transfers to Carvoeiro