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Faro Airport Reconstruction

Faro Airport

As some of you more regular visitors will be aware, for a few years now Faro Airport has been in a constant state of repair. However with over 6m passengers a year flowing thru the airport, and a good percentage of that 6m being only during the summer months, making the airport bigger was the only option.

The issue has been how would they manage this expansion and yet still accept passengers in a way as to not completely kill off tourism while it is being completed. The answer was a €32.8 Million expansion project spread over a few years.

The current condition at the airport can probably be described as chaotic. The centre part of the terminal has been removed, leaving arrivals and departures but very little in between. The arrivals hall has been dramatically reduced in size to allow work to continue. This we have no doubt will cause chaos as the summer season starts to ramp up.

Whats Changed?

Well, quite a lot. All the original car parks have now been advanced further forward to allow the terminal itself to be extended. In the arrivals hall it is now very small and cramped as mentioned above. Finding your driver may be an issue this season.

The post office which has been there for many years has now closed, so people looking to pay tolls before they leave will have to make alternative arrangements. We are still unsure if this will be reopened at any point.

The cafe, yes that VERY EXPENSIVE one has also moved. However as you walk thru the hall you cant miss it as it is on your right hand side as you walk thru and you will see it before you reach your driver.

Faro Airport – When will it all end

Final works are expected to be completed in 2017 however if this will be the start or the end of 2017 could be anybodies guess. Once finished tho we should expect an airport capable of 30 plane movements and 4,000 passengers per hour.

I guess the main thing to do during these times it to keep the image below in your head and just say that once the works are completed we hope it will all have been worth it.

Aeroporto 2 - Faro Airport Reconstruction

How Faro Airport should look upon completion.