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Unfortunately its a sign if the times, we can not live without the Internet! A WiFi Hotspot is a must. More and more people are becoming self employed and need to keep in contact with clients during their trip, children (and adults come to that) are addicted to Facebook and other social media platforms.

Luckily we hare at Algarve365 have a solution for you. No more feeling cut off from your business and no more sulky kids sat in a bar at night as the pub doesn’t have WiFi for them to chat to their mates.

WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Hotspot Connects Up To 6 Devices

For only 5 euros per day we can provide you with your own WiFi Hotspot. These devices are smaller than a mobile phone, very lightweight and completely portable. You can keep it in the apartment, take it to the beach or the local bar at night.

Not only this but you can connect up to 6 devices to the hotspot. Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones. You can even bring your internet TV box so that you can watch UK TV whilst on your travels.

Get Your Own WiFi Hotspot

Simply use the contact us feature on the site and fill in the details and any other information you feel is needed. We will get back to you with availability. Another great bonus for you is that we do NOT even take a deposit like others. You are our clients and we trust you. All we will do is check the device before departing to take you back to the airport.

As long as the device is in full working order then all is good. If the device is broken or faulty then there will be a 35 euro replacement fee before the driver takes you back to the airport. This really is a NO FRILLS price with a HIGH QUALITY service.

Picture it now…. a holiday with no whinging kids! Can you afford not to take one?