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Praia da Rocha Airport Transfer

I used to get an airport transfer to Praia da Rocha just like you guys. Long before I even had a single thought of moving to Portugal, Praia da Rocha was the resort we always came to. For us it just felt right and it had everything we needed at that stage of our lives.

The first time we came we were young. So the lively bars and laid back restaurants suited us fine. As we got older and kids arrived it still worked for us. Playing by the pool, an afternoon on the beach, maybe a few hours sleep in the afternoon when the kids were tired. After all of that it was get spruced up for a nice evening meal and then we would usually find a nice bar where the kids could play around but not upset too many people 🙂

So what could you do in Praia da Rocha when you get here? As well as all mentioned above there is still plenty more to do. Let me list just a few.

  • Jet Ski
  • Paragliding

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    View from one of the bars in Praia da Rocha

  • Surfing
  • Boat Fishing
  • Tandem Parachute Jumps
  • Zoo Marine
  • Slide n Splash Waterpark
  • Walk to Portimao and visit the award winning museum
  • River trips to Silves
  • Scuba Diving – Visit the sunken naval ship 1km from the shore
  • Dolphin Watching out at sea

As you can see the lists are endless. And Algarve365 want to help you get the most from your holiday.

Airport Transfer to Praia da Rocha

Algarve365 specialize in Private Airport Transfers. As I stated at the top of the page I was once like you. I did the shuttle bus thing. I waited for people to arrive before we could leave, and we have all been there when another group decide to go straight to the bar as opposed to finding their rep!

Once on the bus you take a tour of the Algarve and what do you know, two and a half hours later you eventually hit Praia da Rocha. I swore after the second time I wouldn’t do it again.

I think that is what sets our company apart. We have been where you will soon be. We know its quicker, safer and less hassle to just get a private airport transfer to Praia da Rocha. So what are you waiting for, Book yours today!