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Alvor Airport Transfer – Yes we are an airport transfer company, however we also want to help you get the most from your holiday. So we like to give you a little bit of information about the resort so you know what to expect when you arrive.

Alvor, even in the mid 1980’s was still pretty much a sleepy fishing village. Then as tourism came knocking they stuck up a few high rise buildings very close to the beach, much to the dislike of the locals.

Luckily the council took note and a preservation order was put on Alvor stating that any future buildings could not exceed three stories high. This great move has helped retain its charm and Alvor can (for now) only ever grow OUT but not UP!

Alvor has a very rich history dating back hundreds of years, not as well know as Lagos (famous for its past in slavery) or Portimao (famous for its sardine tinning industry) but it still has a story to tell.

Algarve 365 alvor beach - Alvor Airport TransferMuch of the town was destroyed in the great earthquake of 1755, the original 16th Century Church of Alvor got rebuilt after the earthquake and is still a prime example of the great craftsmanship of the Manueline era of architecture. This is the only building that more or less survived in any form from the earthquake.

Due to its long history Alvor has had many name changes over the years. Examples are Ipses by the Romans, then in 716AD you had Albur by the Moors, however it became what it is today and has stayed that way since the Christians conquered it for the final time in 1250.

Now back to your holiday! Alvor is based only a few miles away from Portimao which has its own resort of Praia da Rocha. Well worth a day visit and only approximately 7 euros in a taxi. Both places are known for their excellent beaches and many a debate has been has as to who has the best.

You can choose from complex type accommodation, hotels and private apartments and if you are ever unsure as to which will suit you best then by all means ask the question on our very own Facebook page which you can find HERE.

One thing you will not be short of in Alvor is good food and good drinks. Literally everywhere you turn you will see a cafe, snack bar, pub or restaurant and all in our opinion are very reasonably priced. Needless to say if you go into a venue that provides a live act then things will be more expensive.

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Now that we have given you a little feel for Alvor we are hoping that we have convinced you that its the ideal place for your holiday. Once those flights are booked don’t forget to head back here and book Algarve365 for your Alvor Airport Transfer.