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Ziplining to Alcoutim

Have you ever wanted to do a Zip slide? Ever thought about doing it from one country into another? Well, you can do that here in Portugal. It is the only zip slide in the world when you can go from one country to another.

As a group of bikers we decided to do this as one of our day trips. We set off from Portimao and headed via the beautiful countryside to a sleepy town called Alcoutim which is on the eastern Algarve and on the Guadiana River.There is a small river boat that will take you to the “other side” and before you know it you are in Spain.

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My brother forgetting he is now off the bike and in a boat!

As you can see by this lovely picture of my brother and another friend. The boats are very comfy and completely safe.

Once on the other side of the river you land in the Spanish town of Sanlucar de Guadiana. You are then taken to a wooden hut and fitted out with the correct gear. Safety hat and harness etc.

Its worth noting a few points at this stage.

  • You must make sure they have at least 40 minutes for this unique experience.
  • The MINIMUM AGE (established by law) to use the zip line is 14 YEARS OLD.
  • There is a weight limit (Maximum weight 110 kg).
  • The company reserves the right to change these limits depending on the weather conditions.
  • Parents or guardians accompanying people under 16 years old must collect them on arrival in Portugal.
  • The company is able to provide these experience for people with different types of disabilities, giving the relevant recommendations in each individual case with this situation being reported in advance.
  • Qualified personnel in permanent contact between the 2 points.
  • Installation with all safety measures and internationally certified.

The above information is taken from the company website so it is wise to strictly adhere to what they say. Safety is paramount.

Once you have your safety gear you are put into a 4×4 jeep and taken on a 5 minute drive up to the top of the setting off point.

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Our motley crew of bikers at the top

Once at the top you are given a quick safety talk and a chance to do a few pictures. Then one person at a time you are clipped on and let lose. It is a 720m trip back to Portugal and you will get up to speeds of 80km/h

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First to go was me as I was Photograph man when we hit the bottom.

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Everybody has a safe landing at the end with fully qualified staff at both ends of the zip.

If you would be interested in this kind of trip then Algarve365 would be happy to help you get to and from the ride and have put together the following package.


  • Collection from your resort. * See below.
  • Nice drive thru the Algarvian countryside to and from Alcoutim
  • Boat ride across the river (price included)
  • Zip ride from Spain into Portugal (price included)
  • 90 minute stop for lunch in Alcoutim after zip ride (lunch not included in price)
  • Dropped back off at your accommodation.
  • *Please note that resort collection is as far west as Alvor. For places further west please contact us for a bespoke price.

The cost for everything above is 50 euros per person. Minimum group size is 6 and maximum is 8. If you have more than 8 people please contact us to see what can be arranged.