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What is the CHEAPEST Airport Transfer

As many people will have seen on the news today, Taxi drivers across Portugal took action to show their displeasure of the new Uber laws coming into effect in November.

transfers to praia da rocha - What is the CHEAPEST Airport Transfer

Taxi’s protesting against Uber earlier today

For me personally I think the Taxi drivers have it wrong. Certainly where it comes to airport transfers. Take a look at the image below as some solid proof as opposed to rumour.

Faro to Alvor - What is the CHEAPEST Airport Transfer

As you can see from the image above. I have done a mock quotation asking for a transfer from Faro airport to Alvor and the prices are quite alarming. A normal taxi can vary just as much. You would expect to pay anything between 70 and 80 Euros for 1-4 people from the airport to Alvor. A bigger vehicle and after 9pm at night and you can easily pay 120 Euro.


As you can see with Uber, an UberX could probably carry 4 people but you would be lucky to get luggage for 4 people into an X type vehicle. Yet you could still pay up to 85 Euro to get to Alvor. An UberXL can carry from 6 to 8 people but again you could end up paying 126 Euro to get from Faro to Alvor.

This is the bit that a lot of people don’t understand. Uber is based on supply and demand. As you can appreciate from an airport the demand will always be high. In turn this means you will pay a premium for an Uber, you may also have to wait for vehicle availability.


With Algarve365 getting from faro to alvor costs only 55 Euros for up to 4 people. Staggeringly a low price of only 65 Euros for up to 8 people. Another thing to add is that your driver will be waiting for you and not you waiting for your vehicle. Additional to this if you have any children with you the safety seats will be automatically provided for you. Neither a local taxi or an Uber can provide these for you.

The conclusion from all of this is that I don’t see Uber taking much work from the Taxis at the airports. However with demand being lower in the resorts the prices will be cheaper. This is where I think most of the anger lies.

If you are traveling from Faro airport to Alvor in the near future then Algarve365 remains your best bet!