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Brits Expose Their Holiday Hotspot Checklist

British people are playing tourist more than ever before – in fact, the number of people who might be in need of Praia da Rocha airport transfer is up 14 per cent in the last 4 years according to Sainsburys Bank. That means each year, we’re taking 15.6 million holidays a year as a nation!

The study also revealed British holidaymakers checklist for finding their perfect vacation destination – so let’s see if Portugal’s coast fits the bill.

49 per cent want value for money

We blogged recently about how, if you know where to look in Portugal, you can save hundreds of pounds on your holiday. Choosing a city like Alvor could see you save 24 per cent on a bigger city, without compromising on beauty and culture.

40 per cent want warmer weather

According to Holiday Weather, the average year-round temperature in Portugal is 23 degrees Celsius – whereas the UK’s summer months don’t even top that!

38 per cent want somewhere safe

The Numbeo website lists the risk and level of crimes including muggings, break-ins and car thefts in many countries. Portugal currently achieves a ‘low’ rating for all major problems.

23 per cent want an ‘authentic’ cultural experience

There’s much more to the Algarve and the rest of Portugal than just fantastic beaches, including beautiful architecture, food and local talent to explore – just ask your Algarve 365 driver for some tips as a fellow Brit abroad!

21 per cent want somewhere that has not become too commercialised

If this sounds good to you, look further afield from the centre of the Algarve to areas such as Alvor, Praia da Rocha, Carvoeiro, Portimao and Lagos for a less intense, more typically Portuguese experience.