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Algarve Holiday Bargains and Why!

You may have been hearing that the Algarve has not been as busy this year and to a point that is correct. From a personal company point of view Algarve365 Airport Transfers had a record month in June. However July had lots of people in a panic.

Algarve 365 alvor beach - Algarve Holiday Bargains and Why!

I think if you are the only company on a downward trend then you start to panic. yet if people sit back and look at things logically they will see a pattern emerging.

So lets look at what  you can get and why!

The reasons for a downturn in visitors are many. Firstly some of the other destinations that have previously scared tourists away have started to open again. Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey to name a few have come back aggressively this year. They have some killer deals that have turned people heads for sure.

Add to this the World Cup where England had such a good run, this also kept people at home. Then of course we have the superb weather currently being enjoyed in the UK. Why pay crazy hotel and flight prices when you can jump in the car and go somewhere right!!

Emma Grimster, from comparison website Travelsupermarket, says: ‘With the hot weather, as well as the World Cup earlier in the summer having caused a slow start to the holiday lates market, travel providers are now doing all they can to fill their planes and get people away.

So, now we know why people have been staying away it puts everything into perspective. However it has caught some of the travel agents out and they have started to slash prices of holidays.

If you listen to what the papers are saying then some companies are slashing package holidays by up to 60%. And according to Skyscanner flight prices have dropped by 10% from the same time last year.

Can I get A Bargain?

For example I have just jumped on a travel site and found a 1 week holiday with flights included in the Algarve for £370 per person.

My advice if you are looking for a break, even if it is late September is grab yourself a bargain now while the Travel Agencies are in a spin. As soon as the weather starts to turn in the UK I think the feel good factor will prompt people to still want that good weather. And you could well see those prices start to shoot up again.

As always, especially if coming to the Algarve. Please remember to book your Private Airport Transfer from Faro with Algarve365!