Faro Airport Transfers – Algarve 365 Lda

Is The Cheapest Option Best!

We’ve all been there. Been offered a cheaper deal and thought “what could possibly go wrong?”. The answer can quite easily be…. PLENTY!

Its obvious that companies like ourselves will always be more expensive than the guy down the road who is “doing you a favour”. Overheads such as commercial insurance and paying to be registered by the Portuguese department of tourism etc all costs money. Not to mention taxes and national insurance for each individual driver.

But think a little more long term. The guy down the road has no reputation, no company name to speak of. If something goes wrong who do you fall back on, how can you rat them out on sites like Tripadvisor. The answer is you can’t. There is no identity as such behind who is doing you that favour.

Now switch that to a company like ourselves. We let you down, we do a bad job, we dont turn up. The first place you are likely to go is Tripadvisor to let everybody know what such a bad company we are. We cannot afford to be shabby, in the world we live in today of the internet age you are only as good as your last job. One bad job can ruin your whole company reputation. Standards have to be kept high.

On top of this we legally have to inform you of your right to complain if you have issue with our company. This information is provided to you via this website and also on emails once you have made your booking. Quality has to be assured for the bigger company.

Lets look at other situations:

If you have a break down with a man with a van how do you get to the airport? Will he have a fleet of vehicles and one can divert and collect you in case of emergency? Will his commercial insurance pay for your flights should you miss your plane? If he has nobody to fall back on will his insurance cover the cost of your taxi to the airport or are you left to fend for yourselves?

What about accidents! A vehicle not covered commercially means that if you have an accident in the vehicle that drivers insurance will not cover you.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should always use a fully registered and fully insured company for your transfers to and from Faro airport. Maybe you think you are already using a legal company. If so ask the following questions.

  • If the price is so cheap is it a bargain or are corners being cut?
  • Does the company have a legal RNAVT number required by all legal transfer companies?
  • Are they providing you with a booking confirmation required by law?
  • Can an invoice be provided if I ask for one?

Stay tuned for my next rant!