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Getting From Seville To Lisbon

For some reason this year we have noticed a large upturn in people asking for quotations from people asking about getting from Seville to Lisbon. I decided to investigate and find out why!

One thing we noticed immediately was that there is no EASY public transport getting from Seville to Lisbon. People seemed to be touring western Europe and getting stuck at the bottleneck. Barcelona to Madrid, easy. Madrid to Seville, easy. But then getting from Seville to Lisbon seemed to be where the challenge lies.

As usual it comes down to what we call time versus money. If its two people just plodding along then the cheaper options are bus and train. You can get a bus from Seville to Faro in the Algarve. Then a short walk to the train station and you can get the train from Faro to Lisbon. Then obviously once in Lisbon you would get the local transport to your final destination.

The coach journey from Seville to Faro will need to have a minimum of 3 hours allowed for this section of your trip.Then once on the train it will take again approx 3 hours to get from Faro to Lisbon.

If you want to fly then this becomes more of a joke. You have to pay more than double the cost of a transfer via minibus if in a large group. So then it becomes a case of time against money.

Seville to Lisbon - Getting From Seville To Lisbon

Not only that, but take a look at the priced (based on 8 people). Now I think we really get to see why the inquiries have increased. The train is cheaper, but lots of getting to and from station and having to pre book tickets etc just feels like too much hassle. And imagine if you had a couple of kids in that group of 8! Flights you would think are the best option, but as you can see from the price above not the most economical. This we feel is the reason why people are searching out companies like ourselves. A complete door to door service. No customs to pass thru, not waiting on connecting flights or trains. And less than half the price of the flights.

If you are looking at going around Europe on your next vacation and you are struggling with your section of getting from Seville to Lisbon then why not drop us an email here at Algarve365 and we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation.