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Angelos in Praia da Rocha

This week we decided to try Angelos in Praia da Rocha. What can I say. I REALLY suck at this blogging thing!

Last week Donna and myself went to a restaurant and decided we would write about it and take some pictures of the food. We ordered our meal, drank out drink and chatted while waiting for the food to arrive, and as soon as it did we tucked in. Half way thru we realized we hadn’t taken ANY pictures. DOH!

So, we set of to meet the out laws….. sorry I mean the in-laws and found our way to Angelos in Praia da Rocha. For those of you not familiar with its location simply stand in from of Algarve Casino and look across the road and slightly to your left. Angelo’s is clearly visible. Some of you may know it from its past name of Algar Bar.

Our journey started off with a little bit of drizzle and fine rain. We stood under a canopy for 10 minutes while it passed and were then treated to a lovely rainbow. However mobile phone pictures never do this kind of thing justice so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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Once sat inside Angelos we were handed the normal menu but then also offered the three course special. Being a northern lad I went with the cheaper option and I have to say its an absolute bargain. Garlic Bread, Steak with Onions and salad and rice all finished off with an excellent dessert which was home made.

One of the things I liked about this restaurant is that everything is prepared fresh, so you do have to wait for your food. To me this a good thing and it helps to let the previous course move down the body a little bit to make room for the next serving 🙂 The owners also make no excuse for the time taken and rightly so. I think the attitude of “if you want fast food, go to macdonalds” certainly applies here

We all went with Garlic Bread and the same home made desserts, however on the mains others also had Spaghetti Bolognese, Fried Liver with Onions and Chicken Breasts were all ordered. I think its fair to say that nobody was left unhappy, and for under 60 euros for all 5 of us including drink I dont think anybody can complain at the value for money here.

Angelo’s also do a loyalty program. They stamp your paper for every meal eaten. So if 5 are eating you get it stamped 5 times. Once you get to 10 you get the 10th meal free. So for us as a group of five the next time we go we will only have to pay for 4 of the meals instead of 5. Another great bargain and ideal for young families on a budget. All in all a great family night out.

Angelos in Praia da Rocha

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To find Angelos in Praia da Rocha please check out their facebook page here