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Every April we have what we call “a tourist day”. Basically we go into one of the resorts and play along like a holiday maker, this is our last blow out before the season kicks in as we then stop drinking between May and the end of September.

Donna and myself, along with my parents hit Praia da Rocha and started off in The Irish Rover. We had arranged to meet some of our customers in the hope of buying them a few drinks and just say thank you for their loyalty. As we got inside we met Gill and Fred West, yes he’s heard all the jokes before, it really is Fred west. With a surname like Nutter I certainly share his pain.

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The picture above is taken from while I was sat at the bar in Irish Rover. I am sure you will agree the view is spectacular.

12986907 10154157428608417 1102366123 o - A Family Day OutThe smaller picture was taking from the exit of the bar. Praia da Rocha apparently is one of the most photographed beaches in Europe. Just a shame the sun wasn’t shining on us.


From here we headed on to Moonlight bar which also overlooks the beach in Praia da Rocha. Another jug of sangria  which was lovely and we had a couple of cheese n ham toasties to share around and soak up the liquid.

After the quick pitstop in Moonlight we popped next door to On The Rocks where we bumped into some local friends who are also fellow bikers and again we quickly passed another hour.

Our final stop off was at our great friends bar. Jose from Squash Bar, which for those of you not familiar with it you will see it tucked into the side next to the large Clube Praia da Rocha. We have known Jose for many years and  you can look him up on the facebook page which he has for Squash Bar. Jose is also great for allowing you to eat in his bar. He is always happy for you to get a pizza or a kebab and will happily phone in the order for you. Needless to say we finished off the night with 4 mixed kebab wraps. They always taste so good after so much liquid 🙂

Not a very topical post this time I know. But listening to me rant on about local airports or roadworks I am sure will get pretty tiring lol. Ill sign off with a final few pictures of Jose’s Squash Bar.

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