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Cactos Bar, Alvor – What A Small World

Last month we visited the Cactos bar, Alvor. Although we didn’t know the owners personally we have conversed via facebook due to our mutual appreciation of promoting the lovely area which is Alvor.

We decided to pop down in the afternoon for a quick drink and just to say hello. We have tried this a few times in the past but we seemed destined to never meet. Luckily this time Ally was serving behind the bar. Tho for an afternoon it was reasonably busy. So having a quiet chat was out of the question and we just sat at the bar and grabbed the odd gossip between Ally serving and taking orders.

There were 3 guys stood at the bar drinking. They were Welsh and I heard one of them make a jokey comment about sheep. So I joined in by explaining I was half Welsh (on my mothers side). They ask me where from and I told them Anglesey, which they nodded approval as they were also from the Island.

IMG 20160419 182040 - Cactos Bar, Alvor - What A Small WorldWithout going into too much detail after various questions it turns out the guy in the photo on the left is distantly related too me. My uncle in Wales had a previous marriage many many years ago and this is his son. So I guess he is my cousin in law.

The way the conversation happened so quickly and we got to the finer details just as quick left both myself and his friends pretty gobsmacked and just proves what a small world it is we live in.

He seemed a really nice guy and would have been good to spend an evening with them, but April is the start of our busy season. But as they come out every year to play golf then maybe next time!

IMG 20160419 184602 - Cactos Bar, Alvor - What A Small World

As you can see above, Cactos Bar, Alvor is certainly a kid friendly bar. Slushes and kid cocktails all provided. There is also a large area outside for kids to run around in safely as it is away from the main road.

Cactos Bar, Alvor

IMG 20160414 103510 - Cactos Bar, Alvor - What A Small WorldSO, what more could you ask for. I mean a large beer for 1 EURO all day until 9pm at night.

Live music from 9.30pm

All major sports shown as Mark is a fanatical Man United fan (good lad)….

Kid friendly bar with areas for kids to play safely.

Alvor Facebook group meeting point. Every Thursday they hold a meeting group so that people you may speak with in the group can all meet and speak face to face. Simply let Mark or Ally know you are from the Alvor group and if anybody else in the bar is in the group they will hook you up.

If you want to hook up with the Cactos Bar, Alvor then you can add them on Facebook.

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