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Snorkeling in the Algarve

Have you ever fancied snorkeling in the Algarve? If so there are companies all along the coast in various resorts that offer this service.

We have no affiliation with any particular company and in all honesty we have snorkeled in the Caribbean however we have never snorkled in the Algarve, but we love it all the same. The reason I post this is because one of the many questions we get when collecting people form the airport is “what can we do here”. This is such a vague question, and my reply usually is “how much money have you got?”

the sea caves of benagil 4 - Snorkeling in the Algarve

The reason I say that is because in the Algarve if money is no object then you can pretty much do anything that you can think of. As time goes on and I build out the site I will post more and more activities so that you can see for yourselves.

For now ill let you be content with this short commercial clip from one of the companies that do snorkeling in the Algarve. Looks like fun and they even visit the famous Benagil cove which is the photo you see below before clicking play.

Enjoy, I know that one day I will get around to doing this. But please bear in mind that the sea temperatures in the Algarve are not as nice as the Med and will always be a few degrees cooler.

Snorkeling in the Algarve

If you do want to do one of these types of tours but wonder how you will get to the actual company providing the excursion then feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you get to where you need to go. Just click HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.